About Me

Hello dear reader(Yes, you the person reading this right now, I am talking to you). If you’re here on my about me page your curious about me, though I swear I am nothing different I am just me.

If you wish you can call me Rose(No, it’s not my real name just one I like)

I’m 30, a female who is from and lives in California. This is my place to rant, write, and just be me with no limit to what I can say. The good, The bad, and The ugly about me is here. I have this blog also as a way to say whatever I have to say so that it doesn’t stay bottled up inside me and explode.

Because of the love and support that I have received and continue to receive from you(yes you the person who is reading this right now) dear reader and other readers over the past 3 years I have decided to try to be more open about showing my face and having other ways to connect with you I have a contact me page(underneath this one in the menu tab of my blog) with all of the ways of getting a hold me. I made a Twitter account for you guys. follow me on Twitter at BookNerd0486. I will not add people from here to my personal FB page(Unless I find a bf through here, then he will be added, no other exceptions will be made), my friends and family/friends  now know about this blog however I am still trying to keep this separate from them to hopefully avoid drama.

Also I have added a new FB Blogger page  as a way to have another way to get my review posts out there and as I way to connect with you guys please don’t hesitate to contact me through the message process on the page if you need me. All of my life related stuff will still just be posted on here. Any likes on that page would mean a lot to me and would also help me to get approved by Netgally and other places for future books ♡.

I am a gamer, (yes a girl who plays video games) I have a PS4, A reader(I think I have an addiction to stories), a thinker, A writer(Check the Georgia’s Story tab of my blog to see what I have written so far), a fighter, I am a proud Pagan, I am just me.

I’m disabled I am in a wheelchair and can’t walk due a brain injury at birth. I can think and talk just fine. If you want to know more check the me tab. Hope you enjoy your time in my little piece of the net.If you are interested in contacting me about book reviews (Check the “Books” tab of my blog to see how I do them) or just you want to say hi send me an email to [email protected] Click on the link to send me an email please put in the subject line of your email what the email is regarding;

Book reviews please know that I have an account with NetGally or that PDF files work best(so it can be read on my Nook tablet) let me know it’s in regards to a book review in the subject line of your email and I will email you back to go over the rest of the details. I also want to say in advance that all of my book reviews are my honest opinion on the book meaning that I will say if I dislike the book.

I have also decided to try Snap Chat for you guys: DragonGirl0486 if you want to add me that way. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon dear reader ☺.

– Rose

PS. I get asked sometimes what people can do to help me. My answer is If you see person who is disabled think of me and maybe say hi to them before you let any judgement kick in. Who knows you may make a new friend: ). I have also decided to give you the option to “tip me”  via Ko-fi.com Click here to “buy me a coffee” (It’s done via PayPal and the site handles everything I don’t see your info)

This is ONLY about tips if you like my content or myself  it’s NOT about donations me as a cause. If you can’t give or don’t like my content then honestly please don’t give. It’s NOT a requirement. Your support via your likes, comments, views, and follows  is more than  enough this is ONLY for anyone  who wants the option. 

PPS. I am adding this because I have been asked by a few readers: I will not try to write on subjects just because it’s what you the reader wants to read.

The reason why is because this blog is for me, if I worry too much about you dear reader then I will lose the therapy I get from writing this blog. Writing keeps me sane and to me that is the most important thing.

I do truly feel thankful and blessed to have you dear reader on this  journey with me.