Book Review: Magic For Nothing (InCryptid #6)

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April 8, 2017
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April 15, 2017
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Dear reader I just finished reading “Magic For Nothing” book number 6 in the “InCryptid” series by Seanan McGuire.  I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because I wanted to see how everything was going with the “Price” family. My personal review of the book is as follows:

I want to start this review off by saying that I’m a big fan of “Varity” and because of that for most of the beginning of the book I had to resist the urge to defend her (in my mind) from Antimony’s criticism of her/her choices however after a few chapters I started to understand why she feels the way she does(I still want them to hash everything out eventually).

I was a bit annoyed with the romantic undertones between her and a guy from the covenant(I’m trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible in case you haven’t already finished reading it yet) however “Antimony” herself addresses some of the issues that I have with the situation which made me feel better about where things seem to be going in regards to the situation.

I personally found it very interesting when “Antimony” realized the similarities between her family and the covenant. My heart broke for the lost mice. I’m team “Sam” for her. My heart broke for her by the end of the book, Also just when I thought that the covenant couldn’t possibly get anymore creepy…

Overall I personally rate this book a 7 out of 10. Happy reading dear reader 😊.  Please like and share this review if you like it doing so helps me to get approved by Netgally and other places for future books ♡.

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