I am so thankful that my dad taught me basic coping skills.

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August 18, 2015
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September 15, 2015
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Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting about my own personal thoughts about this situation, nothing more nothing less; I am not trying to judge anyone.

Dear reader I was talking to my best friend Janet today and she’s nervous about filling out job applications.

She comes from a very strict family who thought that she didn’t need to go to college or learn how to pay bills because she would go straight to her husband’s house after high school.

Well her story didn’t turn out like that so she is very nervous about a lot of stuff.

Even though I have CP(Cerebral Palsy) my dad still made sure I knew how to pay bills and basic coping skills even though I still need a lot of physical help.
These skills have helped me so very much in my personal life. If she wasn’t so far away I would try to help her.

I have told her to ask her bf to help walk her through the application process but because she doesn’t know how to phrase an answer to one question she doesn’t want to turn it in.

I gave her ideas for what to say however she still hasn’t done anything yet.

I told her she has to at least try because if not then she will still be stuck in the same situation.

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