I must not feel guilty for my own happiness.

I hate feeling like the bad guy: (.
June 17, 2014
Another reason being in a wheelchair sucks.
June 27, 2014
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Dear reader the following post is so that I can vent my own personal feelings/thoughts which is the purpose of this blog. Nothing more nothing less, sorry in advance if I sound like I am a bitch.

Dear reader the backstory to this post can be found in the “She is staying with me until July 1st” post in the “Life” tab of my blog.

Dear reader I will not feel bad because I am happy. Adriana came home tonight even sadder than she usually is because of new drama with her husband(my God-daughter told her that she saw him kissing the lady he cheated on my friend with he has two kids with this lady as well).

Also there is even more drama with the apartment she is trying to rent, to the point that she says she is going to file a complaint with the housing authority about it on Wednesday.

I tried to cheer her up and she just said “I wish I was dead right now” and went to sleep.

I know that it will sound harsh to you dear reader however I have to be honest here I am starting to feel bad about feeling happy about the good things in my life right now, I was having a good day and now I just feel bad like I have to defend my right to feel happy to myself.

Plus I have no idea when she will be moving out(this started as she would just share my bed with me till last Tuesday then the plan changed and it’s until July 1st which doesn’t seem that likely to happen now).

I guess I just feel like I am a bother in my own room on my own bed, I am scared of waking her up so I can’t really do much. My normal nightly routine is all messed up, My CP makes so falling asleep is hard and her snoring doesn’t help when I do start to fall asleep.

I know she doesn’t want it to be this way but I still really want her to be ok and me to have my room back before this situation brings any drama to our friendship.

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