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October 30, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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Note to reader: The following post is only about me getting out my own personal feelings and thoughts about this subject out of my system and to remind myself about what I want/don’t want.

Dear reader I stumbled across a YouTube channel for a guy who reminds me of 2 of my ex boyfriends (Not my ex husband) as I was watching him I thought to myself that maybe I could Tweet him to cheer him up(I genuinely don’t like seeing people sad).

I realized after I had the thought that even if he did answer me that talking to him could possibly pull me back into dealing with more issues than I need.

I know that it seems judgemental to say this and it is but from all of his videos that I have watched so far he seems to be emotionally unstable.

I can’t deal with emotional or mentally unstable people anymore.

It’s like I told someone a while back you shouldn’t be with a girl just to prove to her that good guys are out there.

Which is how I feel about these types of guys. I know now dear reader thanks in large part to your support that I don’t have to prove myself to a guy to get him to love/care about me.

I am NOT saying that I am perfect because I am as far from perfect as a human being can possibly ever get however I know that my good qualities and even my flaws are still worthy of love.

I don’t want to be torn down anymore, I will only be with a guy who will build me up (just as I will do the same for him). I am just proud of myself for recognizing the behavior and stopping it before it starts.

As always I promise to update you guys if/when anything happens. I have to try to sleep now because I will be doing my part of game day for Extra Life benefiting the Los Angeles Children’s hospital I am currently $215 away from my goal. Click here to help me help the kids.

 I will post a link tomorrow for you to watch me play ♡.


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