She is staying with me till July 1st.

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June 17, 2014
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June 27, 2014
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Dear reader the following is an update to the post yesterday about my best friend Adriana staying with me if you want the backstory read the “I hate feeling like the bad guy” post under the “venting” tab of my blog.

Dear reader Adriana told me earlier today that she talked to the lady at the program that will be helping her pay rent for her apartment for awhile and the lady told her that they have given away all of their funding for this month so the earliest that the can help her is July 1st, however that doesn’t count the time to process her applications for the funds and the apartment so she probably will be staying with me a few weeks longer than July 1st.

It would be ok except I am a bit annoyed because it’s almost 11:00PM and she said she would try to get back from visiting her daughter(she is staying with her dad, my friend’s husband at his grandmother house) before it got too late because she knows my dad has to wake up to let her in.

Well tonight He left the door unlocked because he doesn’t want to wake up to let her in, we live in a quiet neighbourhood but I am still a bit nervous.

I can’t let her in because I am in my bed(darn CP). I just got a text message from her saying that she is hasn’t left yet because her daughter(My God-daughter) wants her to put her to bed first which I understand.

I just am not used to having to plan around another person so much. I feel very best for saying this dear reader but I am afraid that there might be drama on the way from her staying so long.

PS. I don’t like being woken up out of a sleep and having to go right back to sleep so I am going to stay up and wait for her to get here before I go to sleep. I have been having to wake up in the morning when she does to since we are sharing my bed and she snores really loud too.

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