April 7, 2015

So close to freedom I can almost taste it(4/7/15).

Note to reader: The following post is about me talking about my divorce, if you want the backstory to this post please check the “endings” tab […]
March 27, 2014

Marriage Dominators

Pretty much the reason why I am getting divorce.
October 29, 2013

You broke me and left the pieces

You broke me and left the pieces and now you’re mad because I am putting them back together, in my own way to form my own […]
October 28, 2013

I feel bad for the things I don’t feel.

Note to reader: the following is just me trying to vent, to get some thoughts out of my system. I apologize in advance if it doesn’t […]
July 21, 2013

Rip me apart(Freedom) A poem like thing.

Rip me apart What would you find Inside of me Is a fighter A voice screaming Freedom  Inside of me. Let. Me. Out. I am you. […]