gaming for a cause

September 5, 2016

I have started my yearly Extra Life fundraiser benefiting the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

Dear reader if you have been around for awhile you already know that I do this fundraiser every year. For the past two years you and […]
October 25, 2014

Gaming for Extra Life 2014

Dear reader I am gaming it right now for Extra Life Fundraising Page ALL money raised from my page goes STRAIGHT to the Los Angeles Children’s […]
October 20, 2014

Best dad ever, he surprised me with “Destiny” for my PS4(10/20/14)

Dear reader my dad is awesome he surprised me with “Destiny” for my PS4. He said it’s so I can stream it for Extra Life game […]
October 20, 2014

My Extra Life Fundraising goal x2(10/20/14)

Dear reader we hit $250 raised so far on my Extra Life Fundraising Page. *Does a happy dance in my bed* Dear reader, this is the […]
October 19, 2014

Do you have a Twitter?

Dear reader do you have a Twitter? If so can I ask you to please Tweet about my Extra Life Fundraising Page? Please don’t laugh at […]
October 19, 2014

Do you have a PS4? Do you want to game it with me?

Dear reader I am looking for people with a PS4 who would want to game it with me or chat with me on the 25th for […]
October 16, 2014

We are now up to $210.00 donated so far☺(10/16/14)

Dear reader thanks to the reads of the The House of Vines and your donations (with some help from my friends and family) we are now […]
October 15, 2014

Thanks Dear reader you guys help make this possible(10/15/14)

Thanks to each and everyone who helped make this possible. I am amazed by your kindness. I hope that it’s returned to you in amazing ways:). […]
October 15, 2014

My sister just got me to $200.(10/15/14)

Dear reader my sister got me to $200. I’m doing a happy dance in my bed right now: ). I have decided to raise my goal […]
October 15, 2014

I am now up to $135 raised(10/15/14)

Dear reader I am now up to $135 raised with $65 to go to my goal of $200. I want to say a special Thank You […]
October 15, 2014

I just got a code for a $10 gift card to Looney Labs(10/15/14)

Dear reader I just got a $10 online gift certificate from Extra Life for raising $50 to Looney Labs I am willing to give away the […]
October 14, 2014

If you want to see my video game channel click here

Dear reader I have made a Ustream channel for my game play on the 25th for Extra Ĺife. If you want to check it out click […]
October 14, 2014

I now have $105 raised so far(10/14/14)

Dear reader my dad just gave me $20 towards my extra life fundraising page, I now have $105 raised total and I am $95 away from […]
October 11, 2014

I just got another $5.00 donation(10/11/14)

Dear reader I just got another $5 donation. *Happy Dance*. So far I have $85 donated. I am $115 away from my goal of $200. All […]
October 10, 2014

I will give away a code for 3 months of XSplit premium for a $5 donation(10/10/14)

Dear reader I got a code from extra life for hiring the $25.00 mark on my extra life fundraiser. So far I have $80 total donated […]
October 7, 2014

I just got another $25.00 donated(10/7/14)

Dear reader I just got another $25.00 donated. *Happy Dance* Bringing my total donated so far to $80.00. I need $120.00 to reach my goal of […]
October 5, 2014

Dear reader we now have $55.00 donated towards my goal(10/5/14)

Dear reader another reader donated $5.00 to my Extra Life campaign befitting the Los Angeles Children’s hospital. So you have raised $55.00 total (another reader gave […]
October 3, 2014

I have 3 codes I will give away for a $5.00 donation.

Dear reader I have 3 codes I received from Extra Life for reaching $50.00 so far in my fund raising campaign. I am willing to give […]
October 3, 2014

We just hit the $50 mark(10-3-2014)

Dear reader we just hit the $50.00 mark in my fundraising goal of $200.00 for the extra life campaign raising money for Children’s hospital Los Angeles. […]