Goddess Isis

September 28, 2014

The Grape Harvest & the God

I personally find this information very interesting dear reader because I also work with/follow Dionysos and Isis 🙂
August 11, 2014

I believe Isis stands for love not fear..

Dear reader I know that this might not interest you or the other people who visit my blog and I completely understand and it’s fine with […]
May 15, 2014

Isis, Many Named Lady(PS. This is my 1,000 post on here)

Love Mother Isis. Thank You Isis for loving me:).
April 19, 2014

Isis & the Dark Night of the Soul

I go through this every so often, I am in one of these periods right now however I still trust and love Isis and all the […]
January 31, 2014

Isis, Dark Lady

Hail mother Isis
July 29, 2013

My faith and my soul are one :).

I am Pagan because it delights MY soul. I have found a peace in my faith and the Gods I follow that still amazes me. My […]