Time with my dad: Mini casino trip

Life: My dad’s taking me to Barnes and Noble today (7/9/17)
July 9, 2017
Mini casino trip with my dad (7/27/17)
July 27, 2017
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Dear reader I am currently writing this post using the 4GLTE on my phone while my dad is driving us to the casino. My dad surprised me this morning and told me that we were going.

He wanted us to have a day out of the house especially with all of personal stuff that he is dealing with right now.

Wish me luck dear reader that we win some money. I will post another update on the way home tonight.

Updated to add: We didn’t win anything but I did use my free “Easy Dine” money(You get it for being part of players club) to get some strawberry gelato which was yummy 😊. I also gave my dad some money & bought us dinner. 

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