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Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about my personal experience with playing level one of Lego Harry Potter the collector’s edition on my ps4. If you’re looking for a walk-through of the game please look somewhere else because this isn’t one. I know that some people don’t like these however some people do and I am doing this for fun.

Dear reader I just finished playing level one of Lego Harry Potter(The collector’s edition) my personal favorite parts about the level are as follows;

1. I really liked seeing them riding the train at the bank.

2. Harry getting his wand.

I manged to save the “student in peril” and get two pieces of the crest I looked all over for the other two but I didn’t see them) I also didn’t get all of the studs for 100% I got 65%. I fixed all of the lights in the bank except for one that I couldn’t find.

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